The Origin of God

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The religious complex more important of our time, is without any doubt, the monotheist system of the Abrahamic cults. Christianism and Islam originated from Judaism, today declare about 3,600 millions of followers and constantly raise because of the increment of the population of the world. The paper of these beliefs in the events and conflicts of the present day, from the end of the Cold War cannot be more clear and outstanding. But, from where they come? What kind of deity is that? How appeared the god of the Abrahamic religions?

From the old Jews.

The exodus didn’t happen.

Yes, it is a pain because the story is incredible and the superproduction of Hollywood was great. But all the historic and archaeological signs point that never existed a great mass of Jews in Egypt, neither going out from Egypt, neither travelling for the Sinai during I don’t know how many years. And much less the 603,550 “prepared for war” that says Numbers 1:46, or the 600,000 “footmen, without counting the boys” (and also it is to imagine neither the women and the girls…) indicated in Exodus 12:37, that could sum up 2 million people in total.

There is the circumstance that the Egyptian scribes were like a kind of Germanic accountant with obsessive-compulsive syndrome that they took note of everything and they were storing a copy of everything. And in whole Egyptian history there is no reference, even indirect, to a fact of that importance: the unexpected emigration of the 66% of its population of about three million people during the period of the New Empire and roughly seven million towards its final of its existence. In fact, even they do not mention the notable presence of Jews in Egypt; in reality, only they talk about them like another peripheral people more. The most looking reference is something remotely similar to a “plague”, topic that the ancient people were keen -and the modern, too-. Read the rest of this entry »

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